Union Budget 2010 highlights


Union Budget 2010 Highlights

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Compiled by my Dear Friend Sonal Natani


kapil said...

Analysis done is good but I have some doubt as mentioned below please clarify that;
1)Analysis is only company specific, I think need to consider consumers/tax payers also for this analysis because they will also be affected with this budget.
2)As I have noticed in Direct Tax section there nothing is mentioned about impact, In my view companies like LIC,ICICI pru etc. will be affected with that revised slab.
3) In Indirect Tax section this is mentioned that increased tax rate will be negative for the corresponding companies but the final impact will be on consumer only and this increase in tax rate is not companies specific so I think there will not be much impact on companies.

Payal Murarka said...


Indepth analysis wrt stocks. Kudos !!

Bt I differ a little on the banking segment. 8% Tier-I capital is that of minimum capital adequacy, already been extended last year to 4 banks. I doubt if SBI and bank od India would benefit from it. It would be extended to the likes of UCO bank, BOR, Vijaya bank, JnK bank, etc.

Also, the 6 month extension of repayment of loans to farmers will have a negative impact on banks. So, overall impact should be negative on SBI, BOI.

Also, as Kapil has said, that indirect tax hikes will not hit the company as much as the consumer. Though it may hit demand for such goods.


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